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Money Slavery

If you have the ambition to become My financial slave or sponsor, are these lines for you.

Learn them by heart and remember My rules!

Never lie to Me! I hate liars! The punishment for lying and to get a second chance, will be very expensive for you!

  • Don’t expect Me to do something! I owe you nothing and you are not in a position that you could expect something. You get only what I consider to be appropriate when I have time and I desire!

If you answer My expectations, I will be your „Goddess“, your discrete „Tough Lady“ or your „Mistress“, but I am neither a prostitute nor a servant, I don’t fulfil your slave dreams!

  • You are the one, who completely volunteer into My financial slavery and fully accept My rules!

In the case, that you are not capable to accept My „laws“, which only I decide, you are not of worth to Me and you better do not contact Me. The one who is unable to accept, will be totally ignored!

  • I am the only one, who decide about your entry-gift! Without this, you will not be received ! My Wish List

I strictly don’t accept a „qualifying period“.

  • You are allowed to take a bow to My beauty, to suffer for Me and to thank Me for the attention I dedicate to you.

Here you find a humble request for entrance in My financial machinery (slave, servant, sponsorship, etc.). Send Me the duly completed form!

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