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About Me

Welcome on my website.

I am Mistress Mischelle. My slaves address me as Mistress Mischelle, Lady Mischelle, and My Goddess. All are acceptable.

I am a dominant Czech Lady and I bring the BDSM D/s fantasy into reality for those willing to serve me.

My top interests within BDSM are: Slavery and TPE, FinDom, Caging, Bondage, Golden Showers, spanking & impact, Role-play, and fetishes with feet, boots, and high heels.

I am currently interested in hearing from cuckolds, sissies, and piggies that are seeking to serve as chastity slaves, cuckolding dynamics, FinDom, and other service-oriented positions to pamper Me. It’s a plus if you also have fetishes for bare feet and boots.

If you find my profile interesting, send me a DM.

Warm wishes and kisses,

Mrs. Mischelle

If you are a fan or a lover of BDSM & Fetish practices, or a similar lifestyle, you will find a small selection of my non-public Galleries in the left Menu. Next Photo sets can be found in the paid section.

My videos with similar BDSM / fetish Theme, are sold separately in my online Shop for sale.

Online meetings, chat, with Skype:


My Melkline:…dy-mischelle

My MoneyDom:…dy-mischelle

My Skyprivate:…schelle.html

My VisitX chat Webcam chat:

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My Twitter:


My Flickr:


If you want to make me fun, pleasant Day, enjoying me on Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas or on my Birthday (December) – are fabulous opportunities for your generosity, as well in the form of a gift, you can do this by following your financial budget options on this my personal Wishlist that I regularly Update:

My Wishlist:


If you are unsure about a specific gift, please email Mistress Mischelle to ask. It is better to ask first Inappropriate Than purchase something.

While Mistress Mischelle adores all of her subs, she never forgets anyone who goes the extra mile to make her happy.

Meetings are possible after prior written contact and following all my given requirements.

Personal inquiries and other offers can be sent through the contact in the left menu.


I prefer concise and expressive, but precise and intelligent questions. Because of My busy time I recommend you wait of my answer 1–2 Weeks. If you have followed all my rates and still have not received an answer within 14 Days, you can try again. (Can be that your Message ended up in the spam filter, or i missed), spam, offensive, vulgar or other unwanted Messages i do not answer. Repeated spamming leads sender to blocking.

Thanks to all that read so far. I wish you on my site pleasant moments and thank you for your visit.

Your Mistress Mischelle